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All types of Sandre compliance

Organisations which store and exchange data on water want to check that their computer systems (software * , database * , web service * ...) and their swap files meet the Sandre specifications.
3 types of compliance * checkings are available:

The compliance of your file

The compliance of a file is to assess the difference between a swap file and a Sandre exchange scenario. It does not indicate that the computer system that produced the file complies to the Sandre. To verify this, a semantic * expertise is required (see chapter below). This compliance can be obtained using the service Test an exchange file .

The compliance of your web service

The compliance of a web service is to assess the difference between a web service and a Sandre complaint web service scenario. It does not indicate that the computer system that provides the web service complies to the Sandre (see chapter below). This compliance can be obtained using the service Test a web service .

The semantic expertise of your computer system

The semantic expertise is to evaluate the differences between your computer system (software * , database * , web service ...) and data dictionaries or other Sandre specification documents. It is conducted by one of our experts who makes the checking of your computer system on site. It is concluded by a seal of approval. Unlike expertise on exchange scenario, the presence of differences is not necessarily harmful to the scanned computer system. For information * , expertise does not result in compliance with a given semantic (meaning, "I am compliant with the Sandre semantics") because the use of data models and data dictionaries are linked to users specificities (perimeter for the assessed product, functional and organisational constraints, financial aspects,...). To ask for a Sandre expertise, please complete and return the following form: [Ask for an expertise (fr)->doc139] to this e-mail address or to the postal address below: .

Office International de l'Eau
15 rue Edouard Chamberland
87065 LIMOGES Cedex
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How is the expertise achieved?

Semantic expertise of a computing system is to answer the question "Does the computing system contain data and is the data organisation similar to the Sandre specifications or otherwise compatible with one or more Sandre dictionaries". For this, two approaches are possible: - Either the organisational data model, data dictionary * and reference datasets * are identical to those specified by the Sandre, - Or the data model and management rules of the application are able to generate a data model and reference datasets * consistent with those of Sandre. For example, the concept of connection between sewerage works can be generated by a relationship between the treatment plant and the industrial site. Similarly, the use of the nomenclature * "Monitoring station type" can be managed by two different concepts in the application data model, provided that the Sandre nomenclature * can be understood during a data import or generated during a data export.

Expertise principle

The expertise is guided by the following question: "Has the system an adequate semantic to meet requirements for a possible future exchange scenario or an existing exchange scenario? . The expertise covers the following: - Vocabulary: to check whether the terminology used is identical to that defined at the national level, - Data definition * : to monitor compliance of the definitions * adopted in the document in the light of Sandre data dictionaries, - Data structure: the data structure contains some of the semantics. It's therefore necessary to ensure the compatibility of the data structure underlying the project with the national data models, - Reference datasets * : to check the presence of codes as defined in national nomenclatures * . The detailed rules of semantic expertise are described in this reference document [fr]

Expertise conclusion

At the end of the expertise, the Sandre provides an expert report which details the above described rules. As stated in the "conditions for use" of Sandre specifications, the notice is published on this website under the heading see the results of compliance procedures [fr] . In addition, the applicant may use the semantics expertise dedicated logo (see "conditions for use" of Sandre specifications) :