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Test the compliance of your web service to the Sandre

The organisations implementing web services * in accordance with a Sandre web service * scenario, want to check the compliance * of their web services to insure their good functioning and thus ensure technical interoperability * .

This service allows you to perform a compliance * procedure that involves checking that your web service conforms to a Sandre technical scenario * . It does not deliver a Sandre label * as such i.e. "I am Sandre-compliant" but it issues a compliance certificate stating that your web service is compliant to all or a part of a Sandre technical scenario * .

The result of this checking in the form of a compliance certificate allows you to find any difference between your web service and Sandre web service scenario. Unlike the labeling, the presence of differences is not necessarily detrimental to the system that make the web service available. For information * , if your web service is compliant, the certificate will appear in the Compliances and expertise results section .

The compliance procedure relates to compliance with:

  • mandatory operations,
  • Sandre exchange scenarios : use of reference datasets * (Sandre codes for parameters or methods...),
  • management rules: compliance to existing management rules defined within each technical scenario.