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The Sandre, a shared framework in water field

The water data national scheme (SNDE * ), complemented by technical documents, including those of the Sandre, constitutes the technical framework of the water information system (SIE) [FR], in accordance with Decree n° 2009-1543 of 11 December 2009.

What is the Sandre framework ?

The Sandre framework is the water data framework of SIE * . It covers the whole set of specification documents, of reference data * sets and of services on this web site including: - data dictionaries: They generally exist in two volumes. The first entitled "Overview of Data" explains the practices and operation principles of a particular water topic. The second named "Dictionary" describes, from a computational point of view, the data presented in Volume 1. - data exchange scenarios : They define the format and exchange rules for data sets described in data dictionaries, - the reference data * sets management documents : They define the scope and organisational and technical rules for reference data sets, - reference data sets: these are the elementary data in the water world such as the water body code, its name, its location... - support services : They help in using Sandre requirements by assigning compliance * labels * , by managing and updating data and documents along time...

The State prescribes the components of the water data framework that must be used for enforcement, and conditions for use. The water data framework is approved by the Managing director of ONEMA, the French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments .