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All updates of Sandre data from a reference data set

All updates made on Sandre individual data of a reference data * set are accessible and downloadable, like developments of detailed information * on actors, parameters, communes (see « Datasets * » dropdown list [fr]).

Please note if you download the reference data * set on Parameters choosing « update since 01/01/2009 », The resulting data set will include all parameters that have evolved from that date : created, modified or freezed (for more details on this see status [fr]). This means that if the parameter bisphenol (code 6588) was frozen on 01/01/2009 and revalidated on 02/01/2009, this parameter will appear in the results if the chosen date is 01/01/2009 and absent if chosen date is 03/01/2009. The search result can be downloaded as XML * file or in text delimited.


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