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This notice outlines the rights and obligations of users who download on a Water Information * System web (SIE * ) portal data made available by one or more organization(s) supplier(s) of data.

Access to information * made available on a website from an organization providing data and their reuse is governed by general provisions of Act No. 78-753 of July 17, 1978 on various measures to improve relations between the administration and the public and various administrative arrangements and social tax, as last amended by Ordinance No. 2005-650 of June 6, 2005, the implementing decree No. 2005-1755 of December 30, 2005 on freedom of access to administrative documents and the reuse of public information * and by Chapter IV of Title II of Book I of the Environment Code (articles L. 124-1 to L. 124-8 and R. 124 -1 to R. 124-5).

Commitment for the organisation providing data

The data provider organisation ensures the legality of the information * provided. It ensures that they have the necessary rights to make them available and allow peaceful enjoyment of such information without prejudicing the rights of others. The latest available data is updated by its producer when a change is justified. Users are advised to refer regularly to the website source to ensure the validity of the version he uses.
This warning and the metadata * form associated with each available information lot are intended to remind users of the legal and technical constraints that are attached.

Intellectual Property

When the organization producer and / or third parties have intellectual property rights under copyright (Book I, Parts I and II of the Code of Intellectual Property) or the right of the producer database * (Paper III , Title IV of the Code), their owners are listed in the metadata * record.

Data and files operations

Subject to compliance * with intellectual property rights attached to them, mentioned in the metadata, the information provided may be used by anyone who wishes to use it for other purposes than those of its public service mission needs, for which they were developed or stored. Information reuse implies that they are not altered, that their meaning is not distorted and that their sources and their last update date are listed (eg "Source: ADES Portal, Data exported in March 2007 "). These conditions relate to all files delivered: data files, metadata and this warning.
Thus are possible, under these conditions, the presentation in any medium, including Internet, data and metadata, and any study or analysis resulting from the use of this information.
The user can also change the computer format and adapt data and metadata to integrate its own information system * or make it available. It can aggregate information, add or delete attributes * , select part of the territory and achieve a geographical spread.
The quality data must then be respected and the meaning does not be distorted. However, these different data uses should take into account the characteristics and limitations specified in the metadata associated with them. Users are being particularly cautioned against any interpretation, use or presentation of data at a scale larger than that indicated in the metadata, such as at register scale for a 1:25000 scanned zoning.
The information provided is not provided for a particular purpose, and no warranty of their suitability for a particular purpose is made by the service provider.
Accordingly, the user enjoys include:
  • The opportunity to use data;
  • File compatibility with computer systems;
  • The adequacy of data needs;
  • Have the skills to use the information provided.
The user shall ensure that he/she uses the up to date information and its compatibility with every use he/she makes of it. He/she is invited to inform the service that gives the information available for possible errors and anomalies, the service remains free to determine the action to give to this alert.
Under the ministerial non binding legal notice (circulaire) dated October 27, 2006 on the provision of public information on technical websites